CORTEC VpCI-146 150mm × 150mm 200 Sheet

CORTEC VpCI-146 150mm × 150mm 200 Sheet
CORTEC VpCI-146 150mm × 150mm 200 Sheet CORTEC VpCI-146 150mm × 150mm 200 Sheet CORTEC VpCI-146 150mm × 150mm 200 Sheet CORTEC VpCI-146 150mm × 150mm 200 Sheet CORTEC VpCI-146 150mm × 150mm 200 Sheet CORTEC VpCI-146 150mm × 150mm 200 Sheet
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Product Description

Package:155mm × 155mm × 20mm
Product:150mm × 150mm × 0.11mm
Cortec VpCI-146 is the highest grade industrial anti-rust paper and is effective in preventing the rust of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
There is no need to use different anti-rust paper for each type of metal, unlike with general anti-rust agents, and this one product can provide anti-rust effects on many metals at the same time in the same space.

It is a rust preventive agent that is environmentally friendly and does not contain harmful substances such as nitrites, chromates, nitrogen oxides, and phosphoric acid compound rust preventive ingredients.

[Main features]
・Compatible with MIL standard (MIL-PRF-3420G)
・Compatible with REACH regulation / RoHs directive
・More than 92% of the product is made of natural ingredients approved by USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) ・Biodegradable and completely recyclable
・ISO-9001, 14001 certification
・Exemption from issuance of MSDS due to high safety (*Guaranteed not to contain harmful substances)
・High anti-rust ability that lasts for a long time (approximately 2 years)
・No need for completely sealed storage
・Rust prevention volume is approximately 3 times the sheet area (depending on usage)

[Metal types to be protected]
・Carbon steel
・Stainless steel
・Plated steel
・Cast iron
・Aluminum alloy
・Brass (≤ 30% Zn)
・Soldering, welding

[How to use]
VpCI-146 has two main uses.
One method is to wrap the object you want to prevent rust without any gaps. Another method is to prevent rust by placing the object in a plastic bag, placing rust-proof paper on top, and sealing it (it doesn't have to be completely sealed).
Even if you store the product in a cardboard box, be sure to use a plastic bag or other packaging inside that will not absorb moisture or cause chemical changes.
(*Regardless of which method you use, be sure there is no moisture on the object before proceeding.)

Regarding the size of the object that can be rust-proofed, if you use the first method mentioned above, there is no problem as long as it is physically wrapped in VpCI-146.
In the case of the second method, rust can be prevented up to a volume that is approximately 4 to 5 times the area of ​​the rust prevention paper.

The components vaporized from the anti-rust paper form a very thin film on the surface of the object. This membrane protects against attack by oxygen and contaminants such as moisture and acids.
In addition, Cortec's anti-corrosion ions penetrate into the moisture on the surface and form a protective film on the surface and inside the pinholes. This is fundamentally different from conventional oil-based or water-based anti-rust coatings.

The thin film made of rust-preventing ingredients does not change the appearance of the metal surface, and does not require peeling during post-processing or before product use.
You can directly apply topcoat, solder, weld, etc. after taking it out. This thin film does not change the physical properties of delicate electrical and electronic components, nor does it change conductivity or resistance.

*Caution!: Not recommended for together with other rust preventives as mixing of ingredients may cause deterioration.

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