Auto Badge Machine

Auto Badge Machine
Auto Badge Machine Auto Badge Machine
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  • Model: 0A10000
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Product Description

457mm × 455mm × 432mm
Compatible with round Sizes: 22, 25, 32, 38, 44, 57, 76mm
Square Size: 40mm
Rectangle Sizes: 53x78mm
Oval Sizes: 45x70mm

All metal body - durable metal case protects internal mechanisms while allowing easy access for service.

Safety switch protected covers - automatically switches off when cover(s) are opened.

Parts counter- can be reset to zero at the start of a production run to count the number of badges produced.

Interchangeable turntable die sets - no adjustments necessary between sizes.

Speed control - variable speed control (0-1140 badges/hour) can be adjusted to match operator's skill.

Reverse switch - allows machine to be run backwards to open dies in the case of a jam.

Overload protection systems - prevents damage to machine in event of double loading or jam situation

Foot switch operation - frees both hands to load components and offers on/off control.

Magnetic Unloader Arm - automatically removes finished badges from the machine.

Detent clutch drive mechanism - safety feature to disengage rotation of the turntable dieset.

Turntable die set for each size sold separately.
This product requires a grounded receptacle.

Making Badges