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Badge-Man.Net is your source for badge-making supplies! With our shop's Badge Machines and Badge Parts here are just a few of the 60 products you can make: Double Hook Badge Parts, Tie Tack Badge Parts, Magnet Badge Set, Strap Badge Set, Key-holder Badge Set, Safety Pin Badge Set, Charm Badge Set, Clip & Pin Badge Set, Mirror Badge Set etc.

For campaigns, promotions, memorial goods, souvenirs, and advertising. Small businesses, large enterprises, and organizations of all kinds and sizes can benefit. Print shops, custom goods manufacturers, and design studios can easily offer a new product lineup by investing in just one badge machine. Our shop's badge-making kits are unbeatable!

Our clients include:
Businesses, individuals, municipalities, public agencies, universities, kindergartens, aquariums, museums, theme parks, and non-government organizations.

Please contact us if you have any questions, and be sure to visit our gallery of client badges!

Major Product Lineup

Safety Pin
Double Hook Pin
Bottle Opener
Clip with Safety Pin
Double Side
Clear Stand
(※These are part of the lineup.)

Monthly Specials For November

4,838円 +Tax  Save: 10% off
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Making Badges

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